Black Soviet Tee

Length Sleeve Chest Shoulder
S 69 cm 20,5 52,5 15
M 70 cm 23 54 16,5
L 72 cm 24,5 56 18
 XL 74 cm 25,5 59 18,5  


The design of the t-shirt is inspired by the flag of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic or RSFSR (Российская Советская Федеративная Социалистическая Республика). The RSFSR was part of the Soviet Union (1922 – 1991).
The hammer and the sickle on the flag is a well-known symbol of communism. It symbolizes the unity of the workers (hammer) and the farmers (sickle) against the capitalists. The back of the shirt features an embroidered lemon badge.      
Fabric: 100% Cotton